So, the Nintendo 3DS is now officially $169.99

Do you hear that…? That’s Sony laughing manically (somewhere in Tokyo I presume) and not Reggie Fils-Aime as depicted in this video. Actually, who knows since it could be the other way around…

But hey seriously… that’s awfully a lot (close to a $100) and I’m now, to some extent, considering getting one this Fall, even though I can’t find 5-10 games that interest me greatly. Actually scratch that– I don’t know yet because aside from Ocarina 3D, Kid Icarus and Mario Kart (games that aren’t even on my priority list mind you); there really isn’t a title that I would personally call a “system seller”. Probably next year as soon as those Level-5 developed games gets localized, then maybe. Maybe. Just maybe.

BTW I don’t know who made that image above, but it’s surely pretty bad-ass. Might even use it again later on if I feel like it.


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