The Change-Up…

…was entertaining, for the most part, despite the raunchy factor being maxed out during the first act. Yeah I mean… it had a couple of scenes that were funny for like the first 3-5 seconds, until you realize that the filmmakers were going too much. To me at least, and it was basically unnecessary now that I think about it.

But yes, it was a pretty fun movie and I owe it all to the buddy-buddy-ness of Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. I can see these guys working together again in another comedy and it would be a blast. Do eet! Plus the movie had Olivia Wilde and… well, it’s Olivia Wilde!

Speaking of Ryan Reynolds: It was a bit of a relief to see him play a character that fits him entirely, unlike that other movie where you can obviously tell he was “trying”. Here? Oh, he was having fun alright. And you can clearly notice it the second his character gets introduced. In short– this is the Ryan Reynolds movie that you should all care about this year.


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