Who or what’s a Zepperoni?

Zepperoni is the pseudo official blog of Guiseppi Protacio — a twenty-something freelance graphic artist, gamer, host & creator of the now-defunct World 3, and currently a contributor for K-Zone Philippines. He was also the co-host of of the movie-videogame podcast — The Lost Level.

We usually call him “G” for short because some people (mostly his old grade school and high school teachers) couldn’t pronounce his name properly.

He was born and raised in Metro Manila, Philippines, and spent most of his kaleidoscopic life there in that on-and-off city. Currently he resides a few miles away from Chicago and hopes to move in, someday, to San Francisco where all the gaming action is.

So, yeah, in this blog you will find entries that fancy him generally. Be it his latest thoughts on video games and movies, random bullshit, wacky and pleasing pop culture pieces, the latest YUI pictures/videos, or simply opinions in general: it’s all here!

*Scott Pilgrim-inspired sketch by Gordon McAlpin, creator and artist of the hit webcomic Multiplex*

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