Very Quick Wii U Impressions

The good? Nintendo Land is surprisingly fun (HOLY SHIT, hi-def Miis!). Though I have yet to try the multiplayer games that require at least 2 souls to interact. Probably when my sister ain’t so busy with whatever she’s doing, then I can finally try ’em all out!

Bad? Sluggish OS, GamePad battery life, and  —gasp — a couple more. Like, say, the ridiculous day-zero patch, the GamePad’s battery life, weak RAM (supposedly), and… I already mentioned the GamePad’s battery life, right!? Oh, wait, I didn’t mention that you need at least TWO free sockets; because the controller/GamePad requires another one just like the actual system. Sigh.

Aaaand the fugly? The long wait for Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101. Well, fortunately, the latter will be out early next year. Basically: Games I desperately wanna play aren’t even out yet, and now I’m suddenly thinking if this was a bad idea…

Then again, my copy of New Super Mario Bros. U hasn’t arrived yet, so it might be a pretty good launch after all. Hopefully…


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