Oh, wow, it’s almost November…

…and I’ve barely updated this site, at least for this month. Originally I was going to post a couple of unique content for October — be it movie impressions, as always, and maybe a bunch of others that aren’t “oh, [insert famous website] posted something cool and I’ll post the same shit too!”.

But, stuff happened and… actually, wait — nothing really happened. I’m just giving some lame, random excuse because, for the most part of this month, I was addicted with Twitter and Instagram… all thanks to this mighty phone. I couldn’t stop, y’know, posting 144 character-based entries and random photos simply because it felt natural (I guess) oppose to WP.

That and some smokes.

Eventually I will fill this site up, again, with crazy stuff such as my impressions on Wreck-it Ralph, Resident Evil 6, Cloud Atlas, and more considering it is officially the Fall gaming season. Expect game “quick shots” in the following weeks where I’ll be coughing my thoughts on Assassin’s Creed III, BLOPS2, Persona 4 Golden and (it all depends on my wallet’s life bar) the Wii U!

Sorry if this entry sounds unedited and whatnot — I’m basically in the middle of something (AC3) and the game’s been paused for, I guess, almost an hour now since all this NEW Star Wars talk has kept me glued to my computer since this afternoon. Yes, fuck yes, I’m optimistically excited about Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII and IX. Lucas has little to do with it, and it’ll be fucking amazing. Believe!


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