Looper, Argo, Dredd. Oh, and Here Comes The Boom! (!?)

Spent some quality time with my other favorite past time (y’know — movies), which serves as a right-ish balance to my video games and J-music sessions. Plus I need other variant forms of distraction too other than bitching (literally) the plague known as Resident Evil 6. Burn! I’m already stamping it as one of the weakest of the franchise. Oh, and there’s that too… a-anyway, so, quick shots! This week I’ll be sharing my overall thoughts on: Rian Johnson’s Looper, Ben Affleck’s Argo, the Alex Garland-scribed Dredd movie, AND Here Comes The Boom.


Remember when I said that Looper was going to be amazing? Well, I was pretty much spot on because Rian Johnson’s masterpiece (almost) delivers on every account! OK, so “almost” because I found some minor flaws during my second round of viewing, but they’re mostly just little buggers that aren’t even worth mentioning. Of course I couldn’t spoil anything here (it’s one of those where the less you know, the better), but I would like to at least point out that more “booms” during the 3rd act would’ve sweetened my final thoughts.

Nevertheless, a great science fiction tale that can be viewed as this year’s District 9 or Inception. Everyone’s been tweeting about it ever since it came out — from the likes of Bryan Lee O’Malley and Devindra Hardawar — and there’s a damn reason why.

Shit, to be honest — this movie deserves its own entry. But then I figured out that I might accidentally drop a hint or something, I mean — can you imagine someone spoiling the fun of The Cabin in the Woods in less than 200-300 words? Exactly.


Ben Affleck’s finest yet, and dare I say my favorite amongst his feature films. That’s probably because (a) the plot’s very intriguing since it’s, heck, based on real stuff; (b) the shots, hairdo, and other visuals what-have-you looked gorgeous; and (c) the cast was simply terrific since Bryan Cranston wasn’t the only one in the film that’s actually solid! So, you know, that’s quite saying something unlike his recent movie showings (Total Recall and Rock of Ages anyone?).

Ultimately — Argo’s truly brilliant. An intense, Oscar-caliber film that didn’t bore me from start to finish. Man, I really wanna have a late 70’s/early 80’s hairstyle now after watching it… and I also would like to be adopted by Alan Arkin.


I expected it to be the best comic-book live adaptation on screen since Whedon’s super friends, and that’s because I wanted to be surprised in this… big megaton-like fashion. Sure, the latest Spidey and Batman films were good, last time I checked, but I wanted to experience something that isn’t that familiar from what I’m used to or what we’re used to. Quite frankly — I expected too much, but Dredd (or Dredd 3D, whichever favors you) was still fun-fucking-tastic!

It hasn’t fully punched all my expectation buttons, but it would be hard to lie to say that I didn’t enjoy it (even the 3D to some extent). Awesome-awesome action movie, and I really urge all you action-gun-loving-dudes to catch it as soon as possible. And yes, you can’t eliminate those The Raid: Redemption (still my favorite action spectacle of the year by the way) comparisons, but I’m gonna say this — they’re both good the same way both Chicken Joy and McDo’s friend chicken taste delicious, depending on your mood.

Here Comes the Boom

Another formulaic comedy, sort of like a Disney version of 2011’s Warrior. It wasn’t so bad, frankly speaking, and I didn’t even know that Charice was the Filipino girl until the credits rolled. Interesting. She apparently plays a high school student who looks like a grade seven teacher’s pet. I’m not joking.


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