Guild Wars 2 has kept me sane for nearly a month now

Fact is I just turned level 80 minutes ago, and I couldn’t believe it considering I don’t really play MMORPGs… let alone a game that I wasn’t initially going to invest. That’s right — I was supposed to skip Guild Wars 2 for many reasons, such as “time” and the annual Fall gaming season. Wait, that’s not “many”.

Anyway, no, this entry isn’t fully about Guild Wars 2 and its semi-addicting game structure. Nope, I would just like to point out that — yes, it’s about to get personal-ish from this point — *ahem* things on my end became… hell for weeks. Wish I could explain in detail, but brother eye might be watching so I better not.

I do, however, can say that it’s very hard for me at times to play and watch certain things that remind me of “this-and-that”. You know that feeling — that feeling where you’ll play this particular game, and the minute those guys on screen interact you’re actually glued to the TV because (a) character or characters remind you of someone, and (b) whoever it was — you know something’s up because why would think of letter (a), right?

I am, of course, not referring to any particular individual or individuals. It’s just an example, if you will.

So what does this have to do with Guild Wars 2 then, since I’ve mentioned it and even used an image for this rambling entry? Simple: It was all thanks to GW2 that I’ve kept myself occupied in this fucking crazy world we live in. Or simply the only reason why I’m still — no, “alive” would be too much, but the reason why I can still (I guess) “function” in this world… even though it’s such a sad fucking thing if you think about it clearly.

I know, I know — just another video game that has temporarily made me forget of real world problems, which it’ll most likely end soon. It doesn’t really feel different compared to, say, the next Resident Evil or Assassin Creed outings (cannot wait for 6 and III respectively). Yet, the fact I was able to play (and will probably finish too) a MMORPG — a genre that I was never fond of — in a span of a month truly means that something is wrong with me. Yes. Something has been bothering me for the last few weeks (months even) and godsdammit — I wish I could spit it out here without sounding… I dunno, weird I guess? Fuck.

Hey, you know, maybe the reason why I’m enjoying Guild Wars 2 a lot, aside from the fun stuff, is because I don’t have to think of other things while powering my character and making him look pretty. Maybe. But then I still have the same wallpaper on my phone, and I’ll probably go back to playing the arcade mode of this colorful game, and also the fact… argh, Jesus Christ. I need a drink. Or something.

So there — I’m about to finish the single player campaign of a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. That’s new, and it’s surreal for a guy like me. Something’s definitely wrong…

“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”


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