Podcast time: The Expendables 2!

Oh yes — the movie was totally ridiculous and really-really fun in case you haven’t heard. And this is coming from a guy who hated the first movie, not just because it messed up Scott Pilgrim’s box office numbers (which also was a major factor to why SP wasn’t screened in Manila on October 20-something — sorry), but also because it didn’t deliver what everybody wanted. You know: non-stop action with biggie set pieces featuring your favorite action movie stars.

So, anyway, I thought: “Why not record another podcast with Timzster just so I could properly praise the movie vocally and stuff, yeah?”

Plus, of course, I did sort of mention in our previous “episode” that we would be recording more in the following weeks/months to talk about the latest geeky offerings; whether it’s movies, video games or even comics actually. We will eventually despite our different time zones, and hopefully we’ll have a proper name for the show too in the coming weeks. Therefore consider this and the TDKR recording as baby steps or beta versions if you will.

Alrighty then, the podcast… here you go!

[audio http://silentevoker.podomatic.com/enclosure/2012-08-21T17_17_25-07_00.mp3]

Download link’s right here for you joggers and commuters.

If you have comments or suggestions to make this “new show” unique and entertaining for you guys — please let us know, because that would be really awesome 🙂


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