Insomnia ver. 120208

I actually just woke up, and fact is I wasn’t able to sleep properly a few hours back. I reckon you probably know how that feels if you’ve been on the fighting front for months. Oh yeah, it’s another “one of those” crusty situations, or rather this personal-slash-emotional random encounter. The feeling that you wish you can do something, but you can’t yet you really wanted to, but you really can’t no matter what. Career, this isn’t really you, but you guys are somewhat remotely related.

Could be homesick as well, but whatever — I really shouldn’t think of that particular happy place that’s located a zillion miles away.

Sigh. I know — this feels like a 180-degrees type of report from the usual “oh, this what I thought of this film or video game” or “look — a trailer you should all watch because it’s rad!” etc.

Human, period.

And speaking of the usual: disappointing games of twenty-twelve is next, even though I haven’t started on it. Oh, and Breaking Bad rocks. Currently on season 2 and I’m really liking it a lot. Jesse’s a dick though, but I believe that’s what makes him such an interesting character. Walt, however, is probably the best character I’ve seen on television since Bill Adama. Godlike performance, truly.

*image cropped from this particular DA*

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