Ruby Sparks…

…was fantastic! It is a must watch. Easily a must see. Beautiful. Delightful. You get the idea, right? It’s also probably the best movie I’ve seen this year that isn’t an action film or a superhero outing. Fans of Garden State and (500) Days of Summer  — and even Submarine, actually — will definitely appreciate it. Yes, it’s one of those.

Man, I haven’t been in love with a film like this since. The ending could’ve been better though, but that’s just a very small nitpick the same way people prefer not to have mustard on their hamburgers.

Watch it!

Here’s the trailer in case you’re wondering “…what’s a Ruby Spark?”:

Oh, and yes: Little Miss Sunshine is also one of my faves as well, but they’re both very different despite having the same directors. Really different.


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