There’s going to be a new Dragon Ball Z movie…

…and — SURPRISE! — it’s set around the time after the colossal battle with Majin Buu! OK, I was obviously kidding since it’s hardly a surprise if you think about it really. Unless, of course, the folks at Bird Studio have this crazy notion to reboot the entire series, which is a big — and I do mean a big — no-no because we’ve had numerous DB games (and counting) release annually that’s retelling the exact same shit…

Clearly I’m not a fan of the yearly DB games and I don’t invest on them, thank you very much. Maybe if Dimps releases a straight follow up to Budokai 3, which will probably never happen, then color me interested.

Nevertheless, expect your favorite non-GT heroes to return such as Vegeta, Piccolo, the kids, and a bunch of others in this exciting new movie scheduled to be released in Japan on March 30, 2013. Fun! Here’s the first promotional image:

Oh, and (original creator and battle manga progenitor) Akira Toriyama is deeply involved with this new anime film. Plus the movie is indeed canon, which is probably interesting for fans such as myself. Yes, I’m excited for this mainly because watching Dragon Ball movies calm the shit out of me. They’re technically feel-good blockbusters with explosions and dudes flying at will — how rad is that? Seriously guys and animu fans: try watching one (I recommend the Cooler movies) on a bad afternoon or evening and, trust me, it’ll make you smile.


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