Here’s the Opening Movie of Persona 4 Arena

Or Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonnai– sorry — Mayonaka Arena depending on which sounds cooler in your head.

I already have my copy pre-ordered (and fully paid too… well, almost) and I’m super stoked for it!

I’m sure the fans are aware of this, but did you guys know that the game features a 30+ hour story mode? Pretty sweet, eh? Though this shouldn’t really surprise BlazBlue console owners because it’s virtually similar to BB (and its follow-ups): a lengthy “single player campaign” that’s essentially just a bunch of talking heads and gorgeous anime stills.

Hey — not that people should complain because it is a fighting game, after all, and not a RPG. Although it would’ve been nice if it included a separate beat-em-up “Final Fight-style” campaign ala Guilty Gear: Judgement. Imagine that, noh? Could’ve been the best Persona spin-off… ever! Oh wait. Anyway, here’s the story mode trailer in case you’re curious:

Just a couple of weeks away, which means I should be clearing out most of my backlog soonish. I am actually, believe it or not, as I’ve been finishing up games over the last few weeks such as Dragon’s Dogma, Lollipop Chainsaw and Binary Domain. All 3 are very good, and I’ll most likely share some quick thoughts on ’em next week. Stay tuned.


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