Here’s the savior of the PlayStation Vita: Earth Defense Force 3 Portable!

One of the saviors then, I should say, since Persona 4 Golden is still— oh, never mind that. Cutting to the trailer now, which is the sole reason why I’m posting this entry:

Looks pretty fun, right? EDF3 was actually released (and localized) for the 360 years ago asĀ Earth Defense Force 2017. I clearly remember purchasing that game for less than 25 bucks a week after it was released, and loved it to bits. The only gripe I had was the lack of online co-op, plus also the zero presence of Pale Wing (dude, she was super cool in EDF2). Well, not for the Vita version, fortunately, and that makes it a solid day-one purchase… assuming it’ll make its way here in North America. Man, I really hope so…

The EDF games are a blast to play, in case somebody hasn’t mentioned it you yet. D3 Publisher’s cheestastic yet super fun shoot-em-up “franchise” may not have the budget of a major AAA title — meaning their visuals are literally clunky and the story’s very Ultraman-esque — but it sure is an excellent time killer.

But wasn’t there an Earth Defense Force game that came out not too long ago for current systems?

Yes, there was… but the game wasn’t as good since it was entirely made (and set) in the West and wasn’t developed by the original company. Think of it as the American Godzilla of the franchise.


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