So, The Amazing Spider-Man…

… well, first off: I really love (500) Days of Summer, and I also consider Marc Webb both as a great storyteller and a terrific filmmaker. Andrew Garfield? I’ve been a huge fan of him ever since TSN (The Social Network, if you will). Thought the guy was perfect as Peter Parker the second he started writing down those algorithm thingies on Mark Z’s window. Emma Stone? Always been a fan since Superbad, and Easy A was such a fantastic teeny-bopper movie for people who’ve outgrown the genre. And it was all thanks to her.

So there’s no possible way that the new Spidey film would come out flat, theoretically, considering all the talent that’s involved. And yes: it seems like a sure-hit for a Spider-Man fan such as myself who’s been a supporter of the guys I just mentioned.

Even Martin Sheen, Sally Field and the soccer dude from that Keanu Reeves football movie — those guys are brilliant by default.

But then again you have something like, say, that cowboy movie last year featuring aliens which also included a lot of triple A talent, and look what the fuck just happened y’know?

Anyway: did I find the movie atrocious and disappointing? Or was it, “oh-mah-gawd”, the best Spider-Man movie of forever?

Aside from the semi long running time (the second act, admittedly, felt a teeny bit draggy… just a bit) and the Lizard’s horrible face (CG wasn’t that bad, in my opinion, it’s just the dumb face) plus maybe a couple of minor nitpicks here and there: Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man was awesome.

Now, I know, it may sound very biased based on the facts I mentioned above. But seriously guys: it’s a really good movie by default, and I was pretty much blown away! Not exactly the same way the Avengers did (nope, not even close), but just the idea that “yes, this is the Peter Parker/Spider-Man I’ve always wanted to see and experience on the big screen”. You watch a Spider-Man movie primarily because of the titular character since he’s this, somewhat, regular yet very interesting guy we can all, more or less, relate to. If the filmmakers can perfect such characterization — equipped with an ace script and excellent choreography — then you pretty much have a solid Spider-Man film.

Andrew Garfield was phenomenal, I’ll say no more. Ditto with the rest of the cast. I personally can’t wait to see these guys again in two years time.

Now, does it ape over Sam Raimi’s films? Wait, lemme rephrase that: Is it better than Spider-Man 1 and 2? Part 2 is still the best among all of them, hands down. But between Amazing and the 2002 version — hmm, I’d say I prefer Amazing more, simply because it has a better cast of actors and the writing’s way better.

I really enjoyed the movie, and I’ll be watching it again in the next few days. The franchise is in good hands guys! At least we can all agree with that one, yeah? Here’s hoping Sony would make out with Disney in the next few years so we can see Andrew Garfield chilling out with the rest. God, I hope so.


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