Yes, Looper is going to be an amazing sci-fi film

Trailers embedded after the break should give you an idea why. Sure, it’s kind of — and I do mean kind of — like Terminator with an ensemble cast which includes JGL, Bruce Willis, Paul Dano and Emily Blunt. But the reason why I’m saying it’ll be one of 2012’s greatest is because of the director.

Rian Johnson — aside from trolling David Chen’s podcast last year (Google “Super 8 Slashfilm cast” if you could, and it’ll be worth your time I promise) — is a very cool guy and a talented filmmaker. Brick, despite being a wee bit sluggish at times, was a very interesting take on the noir genre, and The Brothers Bloom was… well, I honestly haven’t seen it yet so I really can’t comment on that. But hey, you know, I’ve heard many praises as well so take that as it is.


The guy has a promising career and hasn’t directed any bad movies, yet. Not that I’m saying it’s a guarantee Looper’s going to be an instant hit — even though the sci-fi fan inside of me claims it will — but if you think about it: Looper could be the film that’ll put him on the mainstream-map much in the same way Christopher Nolan and Matthew Vaughn did with ‘Begins and Kick Ass respectively. Or Stardust for the latter.

It could also be one of those situations where the producers will praise the director’s pitch (after making successful films, more or less) and go like: “Here, here’s a money bag with a couple of millions… spend it wisely and go nuts with your science fiction or fantasy what have you… go!”

Or I’m just being insanely optimistic and I just wasted your time. Hopefully not, though, because here are the trailers as promised!

Theatrical trailer:

Want more? Here’s the international one:

See? Pretty cool, huh?


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