Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter…

…it’s interesting that the lead actor — forgot the dude’s name and I’m too lazy to check IMDB at this point — resembles a young Liam Neeson. Neeson, aside from playing a couple of badasses in this generation, was originally cast as Abe Lincoln in the upcoming Lincoln biopic by Steven Spielberg. It was sort of eerie looking at the dude during the first few acts, and I had that same feeling earlier this year with Chronicle and the young Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike.

Right, the film. You know what? It was ridiculously fun.

Plot was “OK” even though I don’t fully know the real story behind Abraham Lincoln because, apparently, some of it made sense… according to a friend of mine. The parts where it dragged, to me at least. And the actors did all what they could (Ramona! Washburn!). But seriously — the sole reason why most of us are or were on board with this movie was the action since it is, after all, a Timur Bekmambetov film.

Remember how he made handguns cooler in Wanted with all the curving and shit? Well, this time he made the lumberjack axe — a very uncool weapon if you think about it — such a badass weapon. I mean, holy crap, it was pretty rad seeing it action with all its “axe-fu” acrobatics.

So yes: action scenes are, predominantly, the main selling point of this movie and it really worked for me. Could’ve use more though. A lot more. Not that it was lacking mind you, but I wouldn’t mind seeing that wicked axe more just to ape and carve the film’s sluggish scenes.


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