…I enjoyed it greatly simply because I limited my expectations after reading Adam Quigley’s snappy Twitter status. He and I share virtually the same taste when it comes to movies. Case in point: last year’s Attack the Block and a dude named Scott Pilgrim.

Overall, and to also paraphrase one of my favorite (ex) EGM writers: “it didn’t suck”. Considering the amount of backlash it has been getting over the last few weeks and days; I’m actually proud to say that I had a blast with Ridley Scott’s return to hard sci-fi.

Yeah, sure, the film has a shit ton of plot-holes and questions. Questions that are never answered, and will never be unless we get, you know, a sequel. Frankly, it doesn’t need one similar to say, Inception. But — as a fan who’d really love to see more of this universe — I don’t mind having one because I was craving for more. But that’s just me and my love for the genre.

Nevertheless, I’m not gonna lie when I say that the visuals were so pretty (3D was FANTASTIC!), and a couple of scenes have truly enthralled me. Will definitely try to catch it again, and I reckon the Blu-ray will be a disc worth owning. Especially after hearing from numerous sources that it’ll have an extended cut. Have you guys seen the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven? No? Me neither, but I heard it’s a “masterpiece” considering that the theatrical version was tedious and snoozy.

And of course: Fassbender was magnificent as the movie’s android. Guy is truly the greatest actor living today, hands down.

OK, just to back up a bit — “hard sci fi” can be a little tricky because I haven’t seen a bunch of guys in a science fiction material, prior to this, where they’d remove their helmets in an unknown planet, oxygen capable or not. Seems idiotic really. Oh, and I faithfully believe the theory that I’d like to call — SPOILERS assuming you haven’t seen Prometheus yet — “Space Jesus“. Yeah. Bash me, I don’t care.


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