Snow White and the Huntsman…

…was fucking terrible. I was seriously looking at my cellphone-clock all the time because I couldn’t stand the inconsistency, even though Charlize Theron was godly amazing as the queen from the ICO novelization.

Oh wait, sorry, my bad. But yes — it was disappointing, all throughout, primarily due to its garbage pacing and 70% of the entire cast. Jesus Christ.

Hell, I don’t blame (first time director and Halo commercial man) Rupert Sanders though because the man has some skills, alright, when it comes to stylish visuals… even though we can clearly tell he’s seen Princess Mononoke a billion times. It’s just, like I briefly mentioned earlier, the pacing and/or the script. I heard Universal greenlit the “inevitable” sequel weeks ago, and woo-pee-doo like I give a shit. Unless they hire a better screenwriter and possibly re-introduce Charlize Theron’s character (oh no, spoilers!) then I might still, you know, care.


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