Anarchy Reigns… is now, officially, a 2013 title

Remember Anarchy Reigns (or Max Anarchy, if you will)? The Platinum Games-developed action brawler that was supposed to come out next month, and prove to the universe (yet again) that PG is a powerhouse Japanese studio that we should all be lucky to have as citizens of the gaming community?

Well, it’s now officially been moved to Q1 2013 thanks to this Twitter post conjured by the good folks at SEGA.

“Good” seems to be debatable at this point, because SEGA has been getting really weird lately. Hell, I’m not even sure if we’ll even get a localized version of the recently announced Ryu ga Gotoku 5/Yakuza 5 at this point, and I sure hope I’m wrong. Gods, I hope I’m wrong.

But anyway: Anarchy Reigns is a game that I was personally looking forward to. I just played the demo that was released a few weeks ago on PSN (JP, of course) and I really had a blast. It’s a 3D beat-em-up that heavily reminds me of that Spawn arcade/Dreamcast game a few moons ago, but way better.

Sure, at least it’s still coming and fans of Platinum shouldn’t really complain that much. But it just seems odd, really, considering that the Japanese version (due out pretty soon) already features a full English language option. There’s something really going on between Platinum and SEGA recently, and I wonder if we’ll be hearing the full story anytime soon.

Here’s the Japanese launch trailer to refresh your memory:


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