Square Enix is showing off something new at E3 called “Luminous Studio”

Actually, they presented it via one of those “closed door” meetings that only VIPs have access to. Or something along those lines because everyone can be a sneaky ninja these days. But… that’s besides the point.

Point is this: Square Enix has a new real time tech demo thingy called Luminous Studio, which looks very pretty (hardly a surprise), and we have some screens (*UPDATE 2* and a video) to prove it after the break.

What could these shots imply? The next major Final Fantasy title? A new graphical engine for upcoming games, if not “next-gen” titles to be precise? Tetsuya Nomura’s next feature length film starring Gackt and a mountain load of zippers and shiny leather boots? Your guess is as good as ours!

One thing’s for sure — Square Enix loves to hide behind closed doors and tease on something big. Or not depending on your history with the house that built Chocobos and Haley Joel Osment-voiced protagonists/antagonists.

[Update 1] More screens have been made their way to the interwebs thanks to Famitsu.

[Update 2] Video! A must watch, simply because it is real time and not pre-rendered!


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