The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer 3 > The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3

Both of them look mighty impressive (which you can all view after the break), and that’s very cool. But I’m not going to lie that I got a bit more jumpy while watching the recently released Amazing Spidey trailer.

If you thought the other 2 previews were still lacking — then you might want to reconsider whatever it is you were thinking, and check this one out. This truly is the Spider-Man we’ve known to love ever since, I mean seriously:

Meanwhile, TDKR trailer number 3 looks also pretty badass, and I’m not just saying that because it’s a Christopher Nolan feature film:

Nice, but I’m going to be completely honest here in this post-Avengers era: something is missing in this trailer. I dunno, and I’m not doubting the movie generally because I know — no matter what happens in this comic-book-movie trifecta — Batman 3 will be godly amazing. But there’s just something oddly lacking in the trailer. And no — I’m not just saying that because I’m more of a Spidey person.


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