The Avengers…

…was phenomenal.

I… you know, I was originally going to say just a few words how I felt, overall, about the film because there’s a pretty solid chance everyone has already seen at this point. Well, at least majority of the geeky population because North America still has a few days before the movie opens globally.

But then I decided to do something a bit more entertaining than your usual “..oh yeah, it was great — the killer of killers the bee’s knees etc.”. Call it an alternative way to fully express my thoughts on Joss Whedon’s masterpiece. Something I haven’t done since reviewing (or bitching, rather) this 2008 animated CG movie that I refuse to name in this post because it’s sooo disgusting to see its title on the same sentence with “The Avengers”. Oh dear, here we go:

Right, so after the Marvel and Paramount logos faded, I was already:

I mean, dude, that shot was simply fantastic! Then from act 1 to act 2 I was still:

The character interactions and the writing itself — they were utterly brilliant. I salute you, Lord and Master Whedon:

…and then we have final act where I was:

Yeah, it was that amazing. The movie was:

…and then we (my barkada, 5/over/5!) all hugged afterwards:

Good. Times.


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