Took ’em long enough, but Sony finally announces PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Remember a few weeks ago when everybody was curious about project “Title Fight”? You know–  Sony’s supposed answer to Ninty’s Super Smash Bros. franchise?

Well, it’s real and it’s called — OK, the title of this entry just gave it away, don’t you think? Typically expected, if I may add:

The name isn’t really what’s bothering me. In fact, I’m not really bothered at all with this package, generally, compared to some who are (currently still, as of this typing) enraged by the shameless rip-off Sony has in their hands. I think it’s a cool-looking, fun game that feels like a $40 purchase.

Fine, there, I said it because — as much as I kinda dig on what I’m looking at right now — there’s still that mediocre possibility that this game could disastrous just like that old Takara Smash Bros. rip-off for the PS2 (don’t ask… the game does not exist in my universe).

Nevertheless, I still reckon we — as in fans of PlayStation characters–  should be a wee-bit excited because of these interesting facts (taken from the forums, if you will):

– Smash Bros gameplay
– 60 FPS confirmed
3rd party characters are in
– 3 layers of super for each character
– Looks like life bars instead of numbers

Actually, it’s just the 3rd party characters that I find very exciting at this point. Can we expect guys like Kazuma (Yakuza), Kat (Gravity Daze) and a bunch more from other (i.e. Japanese) PlayStation franchises? Because I am, and I’m pretty sure those dudes from SuperBot can get these guys if they want to. Just a hunch.


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