Want to hear Alan Silvestri’s “theme” for The Avengers? You’re in luck!

Ever since listening to the samples Amazon.UK posted, I’ve been dying to hear what the full version of the theme would sound like. Days passed (possibly a week, even) and here it is– the supposed final track from the (score) OST! Wish it was longer though:

The first few seconds may sound Silvestri-generic at the very best. You’ll figure out what I meant if you’ve been listening to Alan Silvestri’s recent scores. BUT — and I do mean but — when it hits the 1:06 mark, it suddenly evolves into one of those movie-themes that you can just simply hum. It may not be as iconic and breathtaking as John Williams’ Superman score, but it’s still pretty catchy. Well done, sir.

The fact that I can imagine the following (again, after the 1:06 part) means a lot, if you think about: Captain America throwing his shield and ramming foes, Iron Man flying and blasting dudes in mid-air, Thor conjuring up some mean lightning attacks; Hawkeye showcasing his rad skills and proving that he’s more badass than Legolas, Black Widow being comfy in a Joss Whedon scripted feature, and Hulk smashing… things.

Fuck! I. Cannot. Wait.

Image above via L-Ritchie

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