So, what about John Carter? The Hunger Games? Wrath of the Titans? Oh, and Battleship!?

Because Titanic 3D was not the only movie I saw on the big screen ever since this educational trip started, if you’re wondering that is.

John Carter? Entertaining despite some serious pacing issues. There was potential here, all right, and I really do appreciate the retro-like designs.
The Hunger Games? Yeah, it was good. The Orwelian-inpsired world itself is far more intriguing, though, compared to the main narrative which is basically another “oh, I’m with ‘Team’ etc. this and that” bullshittery. I need to see more, and maybe it’s time for me to grab the second book.
Wrath of the Titans? Marginally better than the first movie, and that’s not really saying a lot to be perfectly honest. It’s on par with…
Battleship? Seriously, it is. Both movies are sooo full of it. You know: mindless and dumb action sequences that are mildly entertaining for the first round or so. Luckily, I only paid for my popcorn and drinks.


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