So, Titanic (3D)…

…was alright, and I’m going to go as far as saying that it’s a “must-check” for curious fans of the ’98 blockbuster. Yeah, it’s not exactly a “must-see” because the film is still the very same one you loved-and-hated back when Leo was still a teen-y idol, plus the fact that the sketch scene was being celebrated as a turning point for 13-14 year olds who haven’t— never mind, forget it I was oddly spacing out.

Fact is: I wasn’t referring to me or any of my friends for that matter, but this one particular freshmen-high school discussion that just… blew me away because of how stupid these morons can be.

Anyway yes, the movie: it was OK because the 3D could’ve been way way better. It’s not as ridiculously bad as most post-converted 3D movies, nor is it as mesmerizing as Cameron’s own Avatar or (recently) Scorsese’s Hugo. Again, it was “OK”, and I honestly thought the amount of moolah I spent (P250 = less than $5) was well worth it. Sure, it may seem less than your average AMC matinee pricing, which probably gives you an idea on how “passable” this 3D re-release is.

Though, in all honesty, I wasn’t really expecting any mindblowing 3D shots since it isafter all, a post-converted film. I mainly saw it as a fan of the movie (pretty sure that’s a given already at this point and I’ve probably mentioned it before) who’s there for nostalgia purposes. Fun stuff, y’know, and I reckon the fans — if there are any of you out there still, don’t deny it “oh-you” — will enjoy some of it.

*image above c/o Tumblr*


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