So, I just got back from a screening of The Avengers…

…and boy — it was the bee’s knees. Definitely the killer of killers and the best. Seriously, I am not exaggerating here like a fanboy explaining to his friends how badass and breathtaking Final Fantasy XIII-2’s story was compared to SWTOR’s. Nope. It truly is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on-screen.

It’s completely nothing like say… there was a party at the zoo, and a monkey f—** a fish (eww, seriously!?!).

Bonus points by the way to you, the reader, if you know which 2011 movie I nabbed that quote from.

But yeah, the movie’s just— aww, screw it:






Yeah, sorry, I got nothing really this year. Didn’t have enough time to prepare because of the vacay, and I’m sure that’s pretty understandable. Or not. Either way, happy fool’s day and wow– it has been more than a month! Snap.


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