“God-dammit, we’re talking about tennis!”

Nope, it is not an audio track from some crazy band “G probably just posted for the heck of”, but it is in fact a trailer! Hell’s yeah — a 76 second preview of a 2010 Japanese-Hollywood collaboration (well, sort of) featuring the protagonist of Hana-Kimi dorama, L from the Death Note live-adaptations, and the dude from Alpha Dog, Charlie Bartlett, Star Trek and Terminator Salvation!

Boy, that’s a lot of titles. And nope: the movie isn’t called “God-dammit etc. etc.”. It’s essentially just the memorable quote from the trailer:

I’ve seen this film last year actually, and I remember even posting it on this blog in one of those now-defunct “Movies I’ve seen Last Month” thingies. It’s a decent Japanese mushy movie, even though it could’ve been better given that you have some kinda-well-known American actors/actresses.


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