So, a lil more than a week has passed…

…and it does feel good to be back here in Manila. Well, good in a odd yet interesting way. You know — that particular feeling that everything feels way different now after being gone for 15 months, and things are making sense again bit by bit, as you slowly retune yourself to this world’s frequency.

I’m clearly referring to the new set of traffic rules or transportation, skinnier roads, food, weather, texting, and so on, yada-yada-yada.

But of course those were, pretty much, expected already. What I wasn’t expecting however was the “change” Altair mentioned to me months ago. It is quite… something, I should say. I was expecting some changes, for sure, but it’s not the type of “change” that I imagined in my head a long time ago.

It’s like — and this is just me and my crazy thought bubble(s) or whatnot, OK? — I expected a film that shares the same witty narrative as Pulp Fiction, but what I got instead was something more similar to Jackie Brown. Gets? Or an Ace Attorney funny case, but instead it was something straight from UN-GO. Same sort of atmosphere, I’d like to call, but still different that one would typically expect.

Adjustment level currently at 70-75%.


A couple of interesting stuff have happened over the last 7-8 days. Stuff that I would’ve normally blogged, namely Assassin’s Creed III’s debut trailer (cool!), the new iPad (ffffff… wow!), and Ralph McQuarrie (RIP, good sir). Quick thoughts on those– no wait, I already did! Harhar.

So, here’s to more adjusting and random local adventures… /cheers. Will definitely keep in touch both here and Twitter. Oh, and Mass Effect 3 rocks and Street Fighter X Tekken is the trippiest fighting game I’ve played in a long time.

G/Pippin/Zepp out.


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