So, the PlayStation Vita is truly a fantastic little machine

I’ve spent hours, literally, earlier this afternoon just tinkering with it. You know — testing the apps, changing my wallpapers, checking out the camera, browsing the PS store, and so on. Yes, hours without even playing the only retail game I bought, which arrived last week by the way: Lumines.

Well… there was this crazy part where I was sticking the Hori face protector for nearly an hour because — as much as possible — I want it to be perfectly applied. I hate applying screen protectors because I couldn’t get ’em right on the first run. The shower-steam method works to avoid dusty particles, but it’s still risky since you only have one shot, and Hori screen protectors aren’t exactly available in your local stores here in the US (had to order mine from Amazon). So yeah, it took me a while and now it’s pretty much 96% protected. Don’t ask.


I’m really happy with this purchase, so far, even though the games that I’ve been eagerly anticipating (Sound Shapes and Gravity Rush, in case you’ve forgotten) will not be available during this so-dubbed “launch window”. The OLED screen, even though I’ve said this for the billionth time, is fucking gorgeous, and the smart phone-inspired OS works pretty well in my case. Camera’s kinda dumb, resolution wise, but I’m sure you’ve heard that already from various write-ups.

Oh, right… the games.

As I have mentioned earlier — the only retail game I have right now is Lumines, and it’s addicting. Super addicting even. Remember the very first game on the PSP? Remember how addicting it was that you couldn’t stop playing? Well imagine that… with crack, and that’s Lumines: Electronic Symphony. It’s so good and I’m totally in love with it. Soundtrack’s a killer as well, and that’s because (EGM/1UP alumni) James Mielke produced the game.

Other games or demos that I tested out with my machine were Ragnarok Odyssey and — yes, insert the Harrison Ford “who gives’s a shit” gif here, because it’s a mind blower — Dynasty Warriors Next!

Rag Odyssey’s “OK” actually, being this semi Monster Hunter clone; and Dynasty Warriors was surprisingly decent given that I’ve moved on already from this clunky franchise. It’s not as smooth as its console counterparts (haven’t played the PSP versions so I couldn’t compare), but it looks pretty good. I mean, this is technically just a first-gen Vita game. What more later on, you know?

So far, that’s it for my software impressions unless you count the AR card games which were also decent, frankly speaking, even though they’re just a bunch of freebies.

*Wait up, I see a Gravity Rush balloon over there on that image you posted — you didn’t play it!?*

Well, no, because the day is far from over yet as of this writing, and I usually “save the best for the last”. Is all. But if you really wanna hear my Gravity Rush impressions — you could always check my Twitter later on since I’ll be posting more of this Vita crap/whathaveyou over there.

So… wow, just look at that screen cap. Yu is so badass in that image! Yeah, we can also all agree that Persona 4: The Golden will be fucking awesome when it comes out (hopefully) later this year, right!?

Oh, sorry. Anyway, like what I was trying to say earlier — I expect great things from this portable system. Mind you that I’m not just saying that because of my history with PlayStation products. Unlike the PSP when it came out initially with its weak launch games and shoddy year-one software titles: the Vita has more potential to be something else. Again, I am happy.

If you have the dough and wouldn’t mind jumping the bandwagon, I suggest you do so. I mean, guys, the OLED screen! C’mon!


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