Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance…

…it’s kind of a better flick than its 5-year old forgettable predecessor (hey, seriously, does anyone have fond memories of the first?). That’s mainly because it has better action set pieces and/or visuals, plus Ghost Rider himself — or Nick Cage, if you will — seems like a fun character to watch this time. Mind you that I have near-zero knowledge or whatsoever about the comics and such, so I’m not really sure if that’s an accurate depiction of the character.

Oh, and you can clearly tell Cage is having a blast playing, umm, himself… to some degree.

But the question everyone’s wondering, and most likely the only reason why you had to click this link: was it… good? Nope. It is a terrible film, technically, because the plot’s fucking dumb (to me, at least) and it’s just… messy, you know? Not exactly as horrible as Elektra or Catwoman, if we’re going to compare bad comic-book movies. I’d say it’s down there with Priest — another ridiculous adaptation that I just saw recently if I may add.

Then again, I wasn’t expecting this movie to kick ass anyway (it wasn’t even on my watch-list, would you believe). Except maybe I was hoping, at the very least, that it would be fun since it was directed by the Crank duo. I had a blast with those Crank movies, and I really was hoping this one would be as crazy and ridiculous as those. Nope, it’s not even close.

Skip it, matinee it if you’re that curious, or hell — watch something else.


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