The Lost Level: Chronicle

Just a few words about the movie before I share the podcast since I haven’t posted anything about Chronicle in this blog: I love this film. It’s for guys who grew up watching super heroes and, you know, “dream” of attaining such ridiculous powers. Go watch it, if you haven’t yet, and then try to come back to check out our spoilercast if you can.

Oh, and I fully agree with Billy, Chris and the rest of the community who keep mentioning Akira in their Chronicle-related entries, Twitters and whatnot. There’s no need for a bastardized version of Katsuhiro Otomo’s masterpiece. Period.

“Welcome to another exciting installment of The Lost Level Round Table discussion a.k.a. the “spoilercast”. In this episode… the guys are reviewing Josh Trank’s first feature film: Chronicle. Is it truly a sleeper hit and one of 2012′s finest movies so far? Or is it simply another gimmicky, found-footage film filled with shaky cams and ho-hum thrills? And, seriously, do we still need a bastardized Hollywood live adaptation of Akira at this point? Tune in!

Just a heads up – this is a spoiler heavy episode! So if you haven’t seen Chronicle yet, then this is NOT the podcast for you. You have (obviously) been warned.”




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