Oh snap, it’s February already

You know what that means, right? More games to yak about and other ridiculous things coming your way, courtesy of the guy who keeps posting random shit such as Super Famicom music and other bizzaro crap? Well, not really. Glad that you mentioned Super Famicom though because I’ve been meaning to post some SNES-y tunes in a while.

A-anyway, that’s not really it. Nope. It’s just… something.

Something!? What the fuck?!

Look, I’m just really excited mmmkay? Let’s leave it at that. Plus I thought of just posting a very random entry here because, hey, why not? Speaking of random: Did you know that (former SoulCalibur poster-boy) Kilik’s birthday is actually on the 9th? No? Me neither. I only found out about it just a few minutes ago because I needed an image for today’s gibberish entry. Neat.


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