“New Bodhum”

Composed by Mitsuto Suzuki. Vocals by Origa:

[audio http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/q4sdk4jja3/1_13_new_bodhum.mp3]

If you’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 for a couple of hours now, then I’m pretty positive (about 55-65%) that this track should be stuck already in your head at this point. It is such a soothing score anyway, so I’d consider it normal. Guys who fell in love with the Origa opening songs of both Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex gigs are gonna dig it, because I am liking this track a lot.

Oh, how’s the game so far? Too early to tell whether it’s a bitch or not at this point. But I can safely say that I’m currently enjoying it (like really enjoying it) despite the shitty dialogue.


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