I… I need to see this, like now: Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Rule

The first Berserk film — one of the many, if I may add, since they’re planning to adapt the entire manga in a series of films — will be released in Japan next month (February 4, to be exact). I’ve attached the film’s pretty lengthy trailer after the break. It. Is. Stunning. Go check it out, fan or not, and you’ll probably see what the fuss is all about.

Uhh… wow. Highly doubt that it’ll be shown here locally, but I can imagine a limited release elsewhere.

You can simply say that I’m a casual fan of the series because I’ve not read any of the manga chapters, though I absolutely love the ’97-’98 anime TV adaptation. I remember purchasing the DVDs gleefully yet feeling a bit off when I booted it because the animation was just “OK” (saw it during my post-college years: 2005). But then I started watching more, and suddenly, without knowing it, I was hooked.

The plot isn’t really your typical Final Fantasy or Lodoss War esque story. There’s more to it, and it’s all thanks to the cast. These are some of the most interesting characters I’ve seen (well, the main trio at the very least) in the medium. Guts and Griffith’s relationship goes beyond the typical buddy-buddy scenario unlike your usual Ramza/Delita or Ryou/Jowy links. No, it’s not what you’re probably thinking, I hope. Oh, and the cliffhanger ending was literally painful. It’s FUBAR times 3 million.

But yeah, that’s why I’m pumped to watch the new adaptation even though it’s (currently) a retelling of the first arc because, hey, it looks fucking beautiful! It will probably take between 6-10 months before I can sit my ass and be awe with the pretty visuals, though, considering that it’s a Japanese film and those take a while to be released publicly. Whatever, I can wait. I think…


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