Resident Evil 6 was just officially announced…

…and I’m really super excited for it. I like the cast of characters that you’ll get to play, I like that it’s coming out in less than 12 months (very unusual for Capcom, if you think about it) and I really appreciate that it’s going to take place across the globe (China for instance). Shit, this is going to be fantastic… I can so feel it. Just check out the awesome trailer after the cut because it’s just, wow:

Pretty positive this will be the sequel we’ve been eagerly anticipating since 4 that isn’t labelled “Resident Evil 5”, and that’s because it feels like Capcom is finally developing it with sense and not just “oh hey, let’s copy Gears of War because they were inspired by us” bullshit.

*Leon fanart by Kirsi Salonen*

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