I just got back from the (PlayStation) Vita Hill Social Club event…

…and there really isn’t anything new to report. Aside from the fact that Sound Shapes still looks and sounds trippy (it’s a Vita experience that is not for everyone, I’ll just drop that now), and the food they served (Piece Pizza) was alright. The drinks, or rather the drink I had, was pretty good though. It’s some tea-ish beverage with mint or something. I dunno, it was refreshing.

To those who aren’t familiar with the Vita Hill Social Club event/thingy — you can head over here for some info. I was informed that they’ll be having Gravity Rush playable in the following weeks. Will definitely go back soon just to test out Keiichiro Toyama’s promising Vita title.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the new toy next month, despite feeling a bit iffy with most of the titles I played as soon as I left the area. Oh, fuck Chicago’s winter season, seriously.


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