The CODE GEASS spin-off (“Akito the Exiled”) finally has a meaty promotional video…

…and, based on the animation so far, it’s looks pretty. I mean, the part where the mechs are fighting or making-out surprised me greatly. You can definitely tell that the quality has been spiced up, and I’m not gonna lie that it looks almost on par (if not better, even) than the Broken Blade/Break Blade animated movies I’ve seen lately.

Speaking of which, it is still unclear whether this spin-off — which supposedly takes place in Europe during the events of season one — is going to be a full TV series or a bunch of OVAs. It’s probably the latter considering, based on what I’ve gathered so far, that it’ll be screened in theaters this summer in Japan. Nope, it’s not going to be a movie either since they’re actually making a separate CODE GEASS animated film that’s based on the (original) Lulu/Suzaku storyline.

Quality’s shitty, I’m aware of that, and the jazz music feels — I dunno, off in a way? Still, I’m a fan of the series and I don’t mind having more Geass episodes or projects.


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