Sorry for the hype: Amy isn’t so hot

Remember the PSN/XBLA survival horror game that I was pretty stoked on ever since it was announced? You know, the one spearheaded by the designer of Flashback and used ICO as one of their inspirations? Well, forget about it. I’ve seen someone play the XBLA trial version (read: stream) and it was far from what I’ve imagined.

The game runs and plays shitty, and virtually everything about it actually feels worse than you think. Terrible, terrible game and hardly enjoyable. Though, to be perfectly honest, the game still looks significantly better than the recent Silent Hill Downpour screenshots.

I am so disappointed and, again, I apologize. Download the demos of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Asura’s Wrath instead since they’re a lot more entertaining, promise.


3 responses to “Sorry for the hype: Amy isn’t so hot

  1. All the reviews I’ve read really hate the awkward gameplay and the stupid checkpoint system. How disappointing, I had such high hopes for Amy. 😦

    • Yeah, I was expecting it to be special or unique since I haven’t played a solid survival horror in a long time. Sayang.

  2. Sankyu! I will be skipping this game. I’ll use my money on Sin and Punishment 2 for the Nintendo Wii which is the better game. Kachi is the better video game character than Amy. Now back to the best game ever Sin and Punishment!

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