Here’s a 12 minute Binary Domain (Japanese) Promo Video that’s worth your time

Assuming you generally like science fiction or robot-themed shooters and the like, of course.

Binary Domain — in case nobody remembers and I really can’t blame you — is the new and upcoming squad-like shooter by Toshihiro Nagoshi, the creator of the Yakuza series. Reason I would easily forgive anyone who doesn’t know of the game’s existence is because of its semi-strong resemblance to Gears of War’s game design (cover-and-shooting, what have you). Meaning: Joe Walmarts are just going to view it as another “bald space marine shooter”, and would even call it “cute” because they’ll probably just spit out something like: “Oh look, it’s a Japanese take on Gears… etcetera-etcetera… PASS!”

Hey, you know, Binary Domain was in fact one of my major surprises when I played it last year at E3, and this was even during the game’s supposed infant stages. Then I heard some dudes who played it at TGS —  a theoretically improved build, more or less — and reported that it blew, pretty much, their expectations. Sounds good then, and clearly this video you’re about to see solidifies my purchase. In short; the game has the strong potential to be one of 2012’s early sleepers. You read that right:

I know, the video can be long and it even talks about the game’s seiyuu (voice actors), which I’m positive doesn’t really interest casuals. Still, you have to at least admit that the game does indeed show some promise. Plus knowing that Nagoshi’s behind it means the story’s going be (at least) interesting, given what he has conducted with his Yakuza titles.


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