Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows / War Horse / The Darkest Hour

The following are actually the last movies I saw in theaters last year (well, except for Sherlock Holmes 2 which I saw before Ghost Protocol), and noticed that I haven’t really shared my overall thoughts. So yes — these are, in fact, going to be just quick shots or impressions because, honestly guys, I don’t think there’s really a lot to say about ’em:

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows: Hmm, I don’t know. It was alright and “OK”, though not the movie or the sequel I was hoping for, considering the first one delivered a promising set-up. Not to sound like a total hater here, but there are times where I seriously dozed off because the pacing was pretty off and the actual mystery/plot didn’t really resonate with me. That said, the bromance between RDJ and Jude Law is still intact (plus hilarious as always), which was very fortunate and it works even better this time compared to the first movie.

War Horse: If you’re expecting this film to change your life similar to past Spielberg Oscar baits (or even some of his classics), then do not fucking watch this movie. You’ll probably just loathe it because there’s nothing new here that “the Beard” adds to the table or the formula. Heck, Tintin is generally the better film out of the two since that one feels “new” in terms of creating set-pieces that we haven’t experienced before (you know — the excitingly long, one-shot chase sequence). But hey, believe it or not, I enjoyed the film despite the problems I personally encountered, namely the soulless protagonist and most of the first act before the story shifted to Tom Hiddleston’s point-of-view. It’s a good Steven Spielberg movie in my book that also feels safe, to say the least, and I can see why people are hating the fuck out of this movie.

The Darkest Hour: The hell… OK, you have an interesting premise (dude, Moscow is being attacked by invisible aliens! Holy shiiiieeet!) and some semi-solid actors (Emile Hirsch, Max Minghella and Olivia Thirlby), yet the whole thing feels like a shitty, terrible, fan-made, college thesis movie. Horrible, and I really wanted to enjoy it because the first few minutes were pretty cool in my opinion. Bah. Truly a waste. Though the funny thing is I actually found the movie more entertaining than Sherlock Holmes 2. Odd.


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