Farewell, 2011

You have been a very interesting year. “Meh” at times and also “OMFG awesome” on various occasions. Just like every casual year, you know, with a lil bit of new-spice sprinkled around. Can’t really compare you from the others because… why should I, right? But hey, I would like to at least thank for the following:

  • New and awesome pals I made over the last 12 months. Call ’em the “driving force” of the year, and also the reason why logging on Facebook can be such a joyous effort. It makes logging feel like the equivalent of entering a chillax, no-cover bar. Virtual beers not included unfortunately. “Bitch, please”.
  • The Lost Level. Enough said.
  • New restaurant finds and TBK’s S&E. Actually wait, scratch that… ‘cept maybe for the S&E because I am craving for it once again.
  • ACen 2011. Best Anime Central since 2007… because… 2007 was in fact the last ACen that I attended. Silly me. “Penalty Game!”.
  • Lots of really fun and crazy video games, movies and TV shows. Still haven’t seen the stuff I mentioned a few days ago. Speaking of games…
  • Attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Years ago it was just a daydream and bunch of “oh yeah, it’ll happen when the time comes blah-blah-blah”. Whaddya know — it became real, and I thank you deeply for that. It was such a fantastic experience seeing industry icons, playing the new toys, and personally meeting gaming heroes such as Shane Bettenhausen, Christian Nutt, SeanBaby, Dave Abrams (CheapyD) and — just briefly — Jeremy Parish. Oh and Dan Kurtz, formerly of Marvelous Entertainment, for being a pal at CheapyD’s party, and Mark MacDonald who I saw from a distance during the Sony conference. Should’ve approached him and said something. Hopefully next year (if plans go smoothly next June) along with the 8-4 crew (John Ricciardi seems like a nice guy to talk to, it would be awesome to finally meet him in person).
  • Major family gatherings. 2 in particular namely the September Toronto escapade (fucking rad), and the one that just happened recently last week during Christmas. Wow guys, you have no idea how fun they were, specifically the latter. Best Christmas celebration and holiday in years, I kid you not. Those pictures on Facebook don’t do justice. Nope. Truth is — I’m missing them already as of this typing. Especially the little goblin. Sad = me.

I think that’s about it. Unless something comes up in my head that I totally forgot (SHAME!!), then I’ll post and update this entry as soon as possible. Once again: Thank you, 2011, for all the rough-y and goodie times.


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