The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword…

…was such a unique experience. But the thing is: I have a love and hate relationship with this interesting, yet crazy, Zelda iteration.

I love it when it shows the “Zelda-ness” in its full form, and I’m clearly referring to the tricky puzzles, creative boss fights and tremendous dungeon designs. These aspects — being the bread-and-butter of the franchise — in Skyward Sword are some of the best the series has delivered over these years. Sure, some would still prefer Ocarina’s, ALTTP’s, Wind Waker’s and so on’s dungeons, puzzles and whatnot as their faves. Though, critically, you can’t help but think that Nintendo has indeed made something here that feels like a step forward. Hardly a surprise considering that they have to (it is one of their most prized franchises after all), but the results are truly brilliant the more I think about it actually.

Same can be said with the questionable combat. This is probably the only Zelda game where I died multiple times, and that’s really because the combat forces you to think when facing numerous critters that, you know, move and can read your jumpy acrobatics. It’s a fresh take on a real-time action template, and I dig it on some levels because I like to be challenged for once in a Zelda game (puzzles aside). Plus points for (producer) Eiji Aonuma and his crew.

But then: I also hate the game when it forces me to do all these ridiculous motion controls and adapt with them so quickly, especially during the first few hours which were ridiculously tedious. Face it guys — for all the Uncharteds and Mass Effects we’ve played all these years, getting back to the “wonders” and motion controls of the Wii — as it was originally promised and heavily promoted in 2006 if I may add– can be a daunting task. Fuck motion controls if you can’t do it right.

It’s pretty clear that Nintendo has tried so hard to make this game as the “Wii title that finally utilizes the system’s motion gimmicks”. Personally, that’s not exactly the case, but it’s almost there. Almost. I’m sorry fanboys, but there are just some instances where the motion stuff isn’t still accurate, like say crossing a fucking rope which can be done so easily in any PS3/360 game, or swinging a vine, or swimming, or… well, you get the idea.

Oh, and Jesus Christ the combat: I swear, if the sensor was only as accurate as I want it to be, then I would’ve skipped those game over screens easily and probably just sweat a few here and there. It can be really frustrating especially during the final boss encounter, which was a pain in the ass.

I’m not saying Skyward Sword has the worst motion controls in history (oh, far from it), but as someone who has enjoyed Twilight Princess a lot — I’d rather have some form of simplicity still rather than being pissed with all these crazy complications.

That said, I still appreciate and love the game for what it is. Weird, I know, but I really had a grand time with this game and I’m still considering it as one of my top 10 games of 2011.

Wow, I’ve actually said a lot! I was just honestly hoping I could say a few words about the game and let you guys just jump to TLL’s Skyward Sword spoiler-free “reviewcast”, where I’ll be talking more about Zelda with Alex and Chris. Guess I made a minor oopsie. But yeah, check it out if you’re still curious to hear more about my overall experience with Skyward Sword:




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