The “new” Suikoden game for the PSP…

…looks decent, admittedly, but it still doesn’t have that “Suikoden feel” that I’ve been craving for ever since part V and its promising direction of opening up new, untold chapters and arcs of the original universe. You’ll probably know what I’m trying to say after watching the latest trailer, which is embedded after the break.

Then again — I really shouldn’t expect much whenever Konami announces a new Suiko title (*ahem*Tierkreis*ahem*) since they don’t really a give a fuck these days when it comes to the original storyline. That’s because — in case you haven’t heard — most of the original developers have moved into other things and shit. Not just Yoshitaka Murayama (the daddy of the franchise) but other guys as well.

Not bad, huh? I’d play it, and I think it looks more interesting compared to Tierkreis.

Unfortunately there’s a pretty slim chance that the RPG will be localized, according to the whispers I’ve been hearing from various interweb sources that is. After all, there’s no word going around about a US/EU version of that other Konami PSP J-RPG: Frontier Gate, which interestingly enough was co-developed by some of the post-Suikoden III staff.

In short — Konami isn’t currently interested in bringing these “last minute” PSP J-RPGs to the West, and it makes perfect sense given that the Vita’s going make a lot of headlines in the portable scene in 2012.

Sigh. I just want my fucking Suikoden VI, and unlike say Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts Zero Vitality of Triologies and Zipperoos; it ain’t probably going to happen anytime in this lifetime.


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