“Into a World of Illusions”

Originally composed by Miki Higashino. Arranged version by Kentaro Haneda:

Suikoden celebrated her 15th anniversary last week (based on the original NA release date that is), and here’s my belated-y response; an arranged track of one of the greatest themes of our generation. Try listening to it, once in a while, and I promise you will have memories of Gremio’s cooking — on how it truly does smell and taste fantastic from a pixel’s perspective, if I may add — and characters such as Pahn, Cleo, Viktor, Odessa, Flik, Mathiu, Milich Oppenheimer and… of course: Scholteim Reinbach III.

If you’ve been playing (oh shit, here we go again) Japanese RPGs all your life and haven’t even bothered touching any of the PSone classics — umm, why!? Seriously, you have to, and it’s a shame that we’ll never get a proper closure or continuation of the original storyline. Sigh, Konami.


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