Square wants me to purchase a 3DS: Kingdom Hearts 3D Jump Festa 2011 footage

Fans (or suckers such as moi) who have been following the Kingdom Hearts series since its incarnation should seriously check out this colossal, 8 minute trailer featuring a lot of familiar faces, as well as some gameplay samplings here and there. Those familiar faces, by the way, are mostly the hip kids from The World Ends With You; probably the only Tetsuya Nomura-related game that’s currently out there (in North America at least) which deserves every attention, unlike the rest of his crap. By crap, I meant some (if not most) of his games that are just disappointing for being too Tetsuya Nomura-ish, and not for their game playing faults or purposes.

In fact: I feel a lil bit shitty for not completing the game due to various reasons that I can’t really explain as of this point. Anyway, here’s the meaty Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Doopie trailer:

Feels like a non-Nintendo developed system seller huh? By simply looking at those visuals and the supposed-fun game mechanics, or even just the amount of fanservice the game clearly has — you can tell that this is the sequel fans have been waiting for since Kingdom Hearts II. Sure, it’s not the inevitable part III, which at this point seems like it’s going to be a PlayStation 4 launch title (if we’re lucky), but it’s featuring a couple of nifty things that may serve as the big appetizer for KHIII. Well, at least in terms of showing off where the story continues.

Or maybe the reason why I’m seeing this crazy observation is because of the fact that you get to play the actual protagonists of the Kingdom Hearts saga: Sora and Riku. It has been a while, and I wonder if Square’s still going to use Haley Joel Osment as the voice of their spiky-haired hero because the dude’s seriously getting old at this point.

Whatever the case may be, the trailer is indeed making me consider to get Nintendo’s not-so-shiny-anymore handheld as soon as possible. I can so feel already the day that I’ll be purchasing my 3DS and be all like “…fuck you Nintendo and Square, I just hope this piece of plastic is going to be worth my time and money!”.

You guys probably might have heard this before, but I have a bone to pick with the entire Kingdom Hearts storyline ever since I finished Birth by Sleep. Admit it: The whole story is convoluted as fuck, it makes the second disc of Xenogears feel like a Super Mario Bros. level. I honestly have no clue what’s going to happen with Dream Drop Distance, let alone that it has a pretty strong presence from a Square-published DS game featuring Shibuya teenagers.

I just want clarity when I play this game, dammit, and not really a buck load of answers because knowing Nomura and his closet of hair-gels and zippers — we are not going to get those until part III. Maybe.

Anyway, I want this game to be as fun as the numbered titles in terms of both storytelling and gameplay (Birth by Sleep didn’t really excel on the former). So far, it seems to be looking that way and I can’t believe that I am excited, once again, to play a Kingdom Hearts title. Wow.


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