Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol…

…I know this feels too early for me to say this, especially that it’s only been a few hours after I left Navy Pier with a smile on my face, but Ghost Protocol is currently my favorite out of all the movies. It is also possibly, in my opinion, the best action film of the year.

I’m saying that simply because of the action sequences alone. They are stunning and I literally had my jaw open for a couple of seconds. Well, at least the Dubai set piece because that was fucking rad, especially on IMAX. Yes, IMAX is the way to go to watch this movie, and I won’t be surprised if it’s not the same experience when I watch it on a regular 35mm format next week (you know, a second viewing because I seriously want to check it out again).

I do however have a few nitpicks. Two to be exact which are: (1) It could use a villain as cunning as Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character in M:I3, and (2) the plot isn’t really that — I’m gonna say — strong for a Mission: Impossible film. It was alright but, I have to admit, it does somehow feel like it was written by a bunch of dudebros who have played Call of Duty for the last billion years. But hey these are, believe it or not, just minor bumps along the way and it doesn’t really hamper the overall excitement.

Also, it would’ve been cooler if Ving Rhames participated in the entire mission. Can you imagine a Han Solo adventure without Chewbacca? Or a Mal Reynolds misadventure without Jayne? Oh, wait… thinking. Though yeah, that’s the feeling I sorta felt the minute I noticed “hey, where’s Ving Rhames’ character?”.

Good job, Mr. Brad Bird. Who knew that a Simpsons alumni and the director of The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille would make such a fantastic Mission: Impossible blockbuster. Let alone his first live action feature. First! See folks, we have nothing to worry about regarding Disney’s John Carter. I think.


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