Watch it or be part of the problem: The Dark Knight Rises Prologue

Nope, you’re not going to find any footage description(s) or any spoilery stuff in this entry. Why should I, anyway, in the first place? Do you seriously want to be spoiled?! Reading anything remotely related to the ultra-amazing-omg 6 minute prologue and watching it is the equivalent of say… trading an Xbox 360 over a PlayStation 2 because the Madden football game you-oh-so-love isn’t available for the 360*.

Or something along those lines.

Anyway, point is the Prologue was phenomenal. The setting, or the set-piece if you will, is something you wouldn’t normally expect. Especially if you have seen all those spy and official photos — it really isn’t (I’m going to safely say) related to any of those. Just. Watch. It was literally unbelievable.

Better than The Dark Knight’s classic heist opening? Hmm, you really can’t compare both because they’re sort of different in terms of getting you pumped for the entire movie, or in this case “teasing”. But they’re pretty much on the same caliber when it comes to grabbing the audience’s attention and getting super excited. Maaaaan the movie is going to be fucking amazing, I just know it!

Regarding Bane and his questionable muffled voice as reported by many, yeah it’s like… you can understand some but not really at the same time? I dunno, I talked about this during our recent podcast about it being intentional, and I can somehow see it. Maybe it’ll get patched up soon on further post-prod, but something tells me it was really meant that way, which was actually bad ass. Yes, he has this German-like accent, so fans out there should be happy at this point.

I seriously had some goosebumps and — speaking of the spy photos actually — the montage at the end was phenomenal as well. I had some teary eyes, believe it or not, and the reason why was because I did not see or “click” any of the spy photos that were lurking the interwebs. Well, most of them at least. See what waiting can do, Chris? The payoff’s pretty damn worth it, that is if you’re just like me who is, for the right reasons, keeping his TDKR virginity intact.

I’m not going to lie, and this may sound like I’m super-mega-hyping a movie that isn’t even coming out in less than 8 months; but I personally believe The Dark Knight Rises has the potential to topple The Dark Knight as the greatest fucking Batman movie ever made. Seriously.

Oh and the Warner Bros. guys gave away shirts too at the screening! Excuse the not-so-sexy photo, but yeah it’s essentially just a bat-looking icon and the text “Legend”:

*True story, except for the Madden part. I had this customer years ago at GameStop who traded his daughter’s 360 for a PS2 because the kid was being whinny (in the store itself, would you believe) for not having The Sims 2 available for the 360. This was clearly before the Sims 3 came out. Still, WTF.*


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