The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn…

…you know I really wanted to love this movie, like a lot. From the superb voice acting to the stellar action set-pieces, and even the breathtaking opening credits, which is probably one of my favorite parts — I was really hoping it would be my top film of the year.

Unfortunately, that’s not really the case and I’m blaming it all to the semi-sloppy script. Coming from the scribes of Shaun of the Dead, Attack the Block, a couple of Dr. Who eps, and heck Scott Pilgrim — I was expecting something better. I don’t know, it just felt a lil bit loose for me at times and I sincerely wish it was tighter. Things probably just didn’t gel very well in my opinion. Especially towards the end which I thought was a bit anti-climactic. But yeah, so far, that was just mainly my beef with this movie.

Other than that, the movie’s great and watchable. That one-shot chase sequence though was absolutely fantastic. I know this is going sound like a boring PlayStation nerd, but that scene felt like something you would experience from an Uncharted game. I know, I know.

I can’t help it, but I guess I’m going to say that I was a bit disappointed in terms of the “wow” factor. It still is a solid-ish and entertaining film, no doubt about that. But it’s not something you would call an instant classic, and the sad thing is I want this to be an instant classic. C’mon guys — it’s from the makers of Indiana Jones, King Kong (hey, I’m a fan and screw the haters), Hot Fuzz and (hell, again) Scott Pilgrim. I really didn’t see the “quality” that much.

Maybe I should watch it again… maybe.


One response to “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn…

  1. I liked it and enjoyed it a lot. I guess it was because I kept my expectations in check. The ending felt kinda… off, but otherwise, it was solid.

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