Oh hey, it’s a bunch of Persona 4: The Golden videos!

Or a bunch of short videos rather. In fact, the first video I’m embedding (after the cut) is the only one that’s worth viewing since the rest are basically leftovers from the promo clip.

Still, I love P4 as much as you love your favorite/default McDonald’s meal, and this is practically sort of news since we haven’t been hearing a lot of the enhanced Vita port lately. I’m still waiting for a lengthy trailer or footage from the Atlus gods since I’m extremely curious to learn more about the new scenarios and changes.

The release date is still (tentatively) labelled as Spring 2012 in Japan. That means we shouldn’t be expecting the English version to show up anytime next year, unless of course Atlus pulls off another surprise (remember the gap between the original P4’s JP and US release dates?). Though I highly doubt it.


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